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ThalesRaytheonSystems’ NATO Air Command and Control System (ACCS) has left the factory and has moved to the NATO sites for final validation

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Sep 26, 2011

MASSY, France, (Sep 26, 2011) –Air Command Systems International (ACSI), a ThalesRaytheonSystems company, has received approval from the NATO Air Command and Control System Management Agency (NACMA) for successfully completing the NATO ACCS Factory System Test (FST).

NATO ACCS is the world’s first fully integrated C2 system for planning, tasking and execution of air operations and replaces multiple aging air C2 systems in the NATO nations.

“NATO ACCS is the largest system of its kind to be delivered across multiple nations and provides critical new capabilities including resource management, Surface-to-Air Missile planning and automated flight safety aids in support of modern NATO operations”, said Jack Harrington, CEO, ThalesRaytheonSystems. “ACCS has left the factory to complete its validation at the NATO Test and Validation Facility, and the national operational sites.”

“The FST was a comprehensive set of technical and operational tests, giving NATO the confidence to move forward to the next validation phase and for ACCS to be the foundation for Ballistic Missile Defence C2 capabilities,” said Dr van der Giet, General Manager, NACMA.  “The teamwork between NACMA and Industry was excellent, in particular through the performance of the specific NATO-designed end-to-end operational scenario.”

ACCS was identified as one of the “top 10” NATO priorities at the Lisbon Summit in 2010.  With ACCS, NATO operators will have a state-of-the-art air C2 system responsible for 8 million square kilometers of European airspace and out-of-area NATO operations.  ACCS will provide opportunities for common training, standard operational procedures and centralized maintenance for all NATO nations, significantly reducing support costs and increasing manning flexibility. As NATO evolves in the future, ACCS is designed to adapt to new operational challenges whether it be for continued advancements to air C2 or the addition of Ballistic Missile Defense capabilities, ACCS provides the solid command and control foundation for the alliance.  

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