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ThalesRaytheonSystems and Semmerzake Air Traffic Control Centre look to the future after 10 years of partnership.

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Jul 02, 2013

For ten years, ThalesRaytheonSystems and the Belgian Air Component have been working together to support and maintain the Semmerzake Air Traffic Control Center (ATTC).

Over time, and with the experience of overcoming multiple challenges, the Belgian Air Component and ThalesRaytheonSystems teams have established a strong partnership, which is evident in the efficiency with which they carry out their work together.

Since the operational employment of the ATTC in 2003, ThalesRaytheonSystems takes the lead in ‘corrective’ actions (such as software de-bugging) and ‘upgrading’ actions (such as adding new functions, ensuring that technologies are conform to new standards and obsolescence management), allowing Semmerzake ATTC to permanently adapt itself to its environment and carry out its mission with optimal results.

The understanding of the needs of the Belgian Air Component and the close relationship between the teams are the keys to this successful partnership.

With the imminent arrival of the Air Command and Control System, NATO and host nations air operations are going to develop considerably. During the transition from the current to the future system, the Semmerzake ATCC must continue to fulfill its role.

ThalesRaytheonSystems, as a major player in the ACCS program, is more qualified than ever to guide Belgian Air Component through this transition and continue to provide tailored support in the same spirit of partnership