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ThalesRaytheonSystems signs contract with NATO to produce and integrate Theater Ballistic Missile Defense Command and Control capability

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Jun 20, 2013

Paris Air Show, June 20th 2013 – ThalesRaytheonSystems announces the signature on 20th June of a €136 million contract with NATO to produce and deploy a Theater Ballistic Missile Defense capability to be integrated with the NATO Air Command and Control System (ACCS). This is a great example of leveraging previous investments from NATO in ACCS and the integration of contributions from NATO Nations across the Alliance.

The ACCS TMD1 contract (Theatre Missile Defense 1) will bring new capabilities to the ACCS program, including integration of additional radars and satellites, increased data communication capacity and an improved tracking and correlation feature. The award follows on from a previous contract for an Interim Capability also built by ThalesRaytheonSystems and fielded in 2012 in Ramstein.

This new component of the ACCS program will constitute, once achieved, a real asset for NATO, bringing the organization access to both Air Defense and Ballistic Missile Defense capabilities,” said Koen Gijsbers, NATO Communication and Information Agency General Manager.

As prime contractor for this theater ballistic missile defense system, ThalesRaytheonSystems has played a central role in the cooperation across the transatlantic industrial base involving 8 nations and 15 industry partners. This cooperation illustrates the ability of our French-U.S. joint venture to deliver advanced technology projects across organizations and cultures,” said Jack Harrington, CEO of ThalesRaytheonSystems.

About ThalesRaytheonSystems

ThalesRaytheonSystems is an international company specializing in air defense systems, command and control systems, 3D air defense radars, battlefield and counterbattery radars. Since its inception in 2001, ThalesRaytheonSystems has become one of the defense industry’s most successful transatlantic joint ventures. The company employs 1,400 people and is equally owned by Thales and Raytheon.