Over the past years, ThalesRaytheonSystems has concluded several agreements to provide material assistance to its Air Command and Control System (ACCS), which equips the Alliance with a single, integrated system to manage all air operations.

The successive agreements will gradually hand over responsibility to NATO for providing In-Service Support (ISS).

The first contract announced in June 2015 pertained to the material support of 7 ACCS sites for a period of 5 months, complementing ThalesRaytheonSystems’ initial commitments with regard to maintenance.

In October 2015, a second agreement lasting 12 months was signed between TRS and the NCI Agency to provide joint In-Service Support (ISS). This allowed for the swift and expedient assistance of dedicated ACCS sites software and facilities. The contract included the delivery of tailored services and on-site assistance along with the transfer of necessary skills and knowledge.

In May 2016, an amendment brought changes to the terms of the agreement to follow-up on initial maintenance commitments and to include software updates up until 2016.

The support that ThalesRaytheonSystems offers represents a significant milestone as it marks the transition from ACCS development phase to full in-service support.

The agreement also further exemplifies the growing confidence between ThalesRaytheonSystems and NATO. It brings to light how the two partners will continue to work side-by-side to tackle the security challenges that evolve at a prodigious rate.